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1931 Duesenberg SJ 467 Disappearing Top Cvt

Location: Dallas Texas, United States


Condition: Mint


Interior: Tan Leather

Price: $1,480,000.00

Seller’s Description:

Seller’s Description: Crevier Classic Cars are offering a beautiful 1931 Deusenberg SJ Murphy Disappearing Top. Supercharged 420 Cubic Inch, four valve per cylinder, dual overhead cams, dual coil, four row timing chain, with an exhaust cutout, this engine was rated 320 horsepower engine # J467.Truly one of, if not, the most powerful and fastest cars of its time! The Gassoway Murphy coachwork body # 2224 features a “disappearing” convertible top that stows in a lidded compartment behind the seats creating a completely smooth bodyline when in the down position. There is also a two person “rumble” seat at the rear of the car and a folding luggage rack behind that. This car features in addition to the hi/low headlights and cowl lights a pair of sunray trip lights that move with the steering of the car. With such features such as the Bijur automatic chassis lubrication and a brake booster system with a dash mounted control modulate braking force to match road conditions its easy to see where the expression “it’s a doozie” came from! Truly the most incredible automobile of its time! This restoration was completed in January of 2018, its very first outing was at the Los Angeles Convention Center Classic Auto Show in March of 2018 where it won the Best of Show Domestic award!!! Restoration completed in January 2018 Please see our website for more Pictures!! Price: $1,480,000 negotiable

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Location: Dallas, Texas, United States

Seller Name: Shawnee Broadhead

Seller Phone: 9728549109

Seller Email: [email protected]

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