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1955 Mercedes-Benz 300SL Gullwing

Location: Boblingen Baden-Wurttemberg, Germany


Condition: Excellent

Exterior: Red

Interior: Black leather

Price: $1,575,000.00

Seller’s Description:

Seller’s Description:
The Era

Or what was it actually like in those days?

The mid-fifties saw the start of Germany‘s economic miracle. People could afford to purchase again and economic growth ensued. In parallel, requests for Mercedes sports cars came from the important U.S. market via the importer Max Hoffman, further increasing demand. As a result, Mercedes-Benz decided to develop and pro duce new sports car models. lt was the birth of the 300 SL series, introduced in 1954 in New York, based on Le Mans racing cars. The model‘s abbreviation, SL, stands for Sport Light due to the car‘s tubular frame and lightweight steel/alloy construction. Only 1,400 examples of the legendary Gull-wing were made.

The Condition

Or how it really is.

Original, given a facelift or fully restored?The factory shipment with Rudge rims to Mercedes New York is dated to September 1955. First he was registered in the US, then in France and since 1997 he is in the hands of German owners. The exterior paint in red (DB 534), the interior in leather black (DB 955) corresponds to the first delivery, the engine is Matching Number. The technical and optical condition is very good with sympathetic patina.

The Performance

Or what is it like to drive?

Wherever it goes, whether driving or stationary, the car draws attention. Derived from the famous racing cars that won the 1952 Le Mans race, the Gullwing was the first supercar of the post-war era and it still exudes quality today. lt remains a feast for the senses and an outstanding example of advanced technology on the road. lt will forever belang to the most exquisite dass of dream cars. This background guar antees a stable, safe investment! In its present condition, it is also a desirable, eye-catching companion to perform at competitive rallies and events.

Price: $1,575,000

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Location: Boblingen, Baden-Wurttemberg, Germany

Seller Name: Arthur Bechtel Classic Motors

Seller Phone: 4970313069522

Seller Email: [email protected]

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