Simpson Race Helmet - VENATOR PRO (FIA 8860)


Venator Pro FIA 8860 – SNELL SA 2015 Approved Helmet

Super protection in a super lightweight helmet.
Engineered to the prestigious FIA 8860 helmet standard, the VENATOR PRO – 8860 provides racers with increased protection in key impact areas. The lightweight outer shell restricts external penetration and works with the inner liner to increase energy absorption and reduce G-forces inside the helmet.

The Venator Pro 8860 is FIA 8860 and Snell SA 2015 certified, and helmet peak accessories are available.

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Shield Care/Cleaning

To preserve the exterior anti-scratch treatment and the interior anti-fog treatment the Venator shields should be cleaned with only Acrysol shield cleaner applied using a standard paper towel.

Key features:

Will not damage shield coatings
Safe to use on most painted or plastic surfaces
Should be used with a regular paper towel and not a micro fiber cloth
No lingering odor
No film residue

Directions for use:

  1. Spray Acrysol on a clean paper towel to saturate.
  2. Wipe shield with saturated paper towel to clean.
  3. Wipe dry with clean paper towel.

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