PORSCHE 356 1963-64 Orig Leather Interior RED - Racing and Cars

PORSCHE 356 1963-64 Orig Leather Interior RED

Location: Dallas Texas, United States

Part Category:Interior

Condition: Excellent

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Type: Featured Part

Price: $12,500.00

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PORSCHE 356 1963-64 Orig Leather Interior, “RARE” This complete and Original Red Leather Interior was saved and stored in 1964 from a totally wrecked 356 model 1963 Porsche. There are (20+) twenty separate pieces of a orig leather interior to include: Front & rear seats, rear side panels, front door panels, front & rear window sills mouldings, rear panel behind seats, the top of the dash, and original sections of carpeting. These leather pieces have been protected by Lexol to maintain near new patina of 50 + years of an old original red leather interior still looking LIKE NEW. This ‘VERY RARE’ interior must be one of a kind find in the world available. $12,500. Please call: 703-451-8643

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Location: Dallas,Texas,United States

Seller Name: Shawnee Broadhead

Seller Phone: 9728549109

Seller Email: [email protected]

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