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Vintage Ford Dealer\'s Lincoln Workbench \" backbar\"

Location: Oklahoma City Oklahoma, United States

Part Category:Automobilia

Condition: Project

Quantity: 1

Type: Featured Part

Price: $55,000.00

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Category: Automobilia Vintage Lincoln/Ford Dealer’s Transmission Workbench/tool storage cabinet. All steel. From Lumpkin Ford dealership, Waynoka, OK. 11’6” long x 5′ tall x 2′ 2” deep. I’ve had it about 38 years. All original. It’s not been cleaned—as I got it. Always stored inside. Looks like a ’50s model to me. Center and left cabinet are lighted by a working switch. Right cabinet has steel shelving. Left cabinet uses pegboard. Missing a simple door knob on the right center door as shown in the last photo. Otherwise complete. Steel is good other than the center doors have been bent in a bit, the left long door has a small dent, and the curved metal on the lower left has a dented section about six inches long. All of this damage is shown in the photos. I have lots of storage so there is no hurry to pick it up. Will store for six months or longer at no charge if needed. There are people that come through the country and pick up vintage items like this and deliver. I can help you find someone.

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Location: Oklahoma City,Oklahoma,United States

Seller Name: Shawnee Broadhead

Seller Phone: 9728549109

Seller Email: [email protected]

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